Canon Camera EOS 200D Black + EF-S 18-55mm


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Camera Information
Camera Description If you are into photography
you are in for a next-level experience with the Canon EOS EF-S 200D DSLR Camera. Whether you are a street photographer or have a sight for landscapes
the powerful 24.2MP resolution of this camera never fails to reflect your vision in the photos. With the 18-55 lens
you can give a professional touch to your photography. The high-quality photos and videos shot on this camera make your archives look incredibly aesthetic. Thanks to Dual Pixel CMOS AF
it is time to broaden the perspective in film-making. Using the Bluetooth or other connectivity technologies
you can connect this camera to your device and instantly share the photos with your folks. The lightweight build of this camera makes it an excellent choice for travel photography. A bold black finish on this camera never ceases to amaze you with its elegance.
Camera Top Features -Screen Size: 3 Inch
-Megapixel: 24 MP
-Optical Zoom: 10x
-Display Type: LCD
General Information
Warranty 1 Year


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